Lyrics: Terry Tha Rapman – Shano ft. Pope Da Hitman

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History in the making baby Terry tha rapman,Pope the hitman
Mo’n shano |Shout out to dj KY| mo’n shano
mo’n shano |The Alaba wizard| mo’n shano
Mo’n shano |Alaba is on fire| mo’n shano

Baby mo’n shano,when i pull up in the moto mo’n shano
You go think say,i don win lotto |mo’n shano|
In the club when we popping bottles |mo’n shano|
We dey make them scream o lado o lado
Mo’n shano baby Mo’n shano x4

Verse 1 – Terry tha Rapman
I’m sitting in the toilet,contemplating on what to write on
I think |cackle| like what do i write on
Tonight am da greatest rapper
Turn the mic on,make your favourite rappers
Suck like Hooker in Saigon
Had your chance,but you chose to embarass it
Here’s my soul,i give you in broken glasses
Sad billionaire,ask if i care
Staring down at you like you sat in my Chair
Pope da hitman
And you stare back at me like yo Watching a plane passing
Pope da hitman blazing the place as in
Mama talking with the thin big Ben Carson
Big Cars,Big Mansion,Big Cash in
Monopoly en pasco
See me,see Nigeria,See real |Cereal| like Nasco
Do you gas co
Check my cash flow
Rap superstar no Lupe Fiasco


It’s Pope baby mo’n shano
Me dope,me crazy ebano
Me chairman dem no wan bada
Me danfo,Me bus dem Okada
Lagos wo’n sign me like me a Bank Check
Girls wo’n ra mi,like me a Biceps
Up in the air,like say me a side kick
Cospo spells and tell we ignite them yeh

Verse – Terry tha rapman
Chicks follow the star like the 3 wise men
Shake body like the Trybes men
And the boy go hard,like a nipple in the bra
When am stroking the thighs me
If you say you are on fire then
I put you out like a fire man
And i don’t spit to conquer the rap is a monster


Boys are not Smiling
yes boss
This is the World Domination Mixtape

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haters cant see me cum-ming like a blind prostitute


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