Tessy Aniesi – Distractions

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Submitted by Tessy A.

This is the message, there are distractions.
Don’t allow yourself to be diverted from the focus.
Just keep moving, keep moving
(Keep moving) oh yeah don’t be distracted.
Hey ouhm hmmm heee heee hear this

They are distractions
All these evils you see
They are distractions
Just to make us not focus on the cross of Calvary
U don’t have to be ignorant of end time just
Keep your head up
Look to the cross, no going back anymore.

Verse 1:
Woio No no this end time
I see all sorts of evils
Just because of this hardship I tell you
Many many have suffered severe battering
So they need security, opportunity, to own the society you know what?
And loose Eternity
I cry: little wonder my Bible say………………

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:
U know, He’s not just the Jesus of Calvary, let’s call Him other names
Let’s call Him Jesus the mountain top
He trecked on water
The Prophet, Messaiah, the Rock of Ages, Jesus is the Healer of broken hearted (uuhu)
Inspector of tribe of Judea, Lord in us, with us, for us, the Rock of Ages, Emmanuel
Be thou exalted.
I exalt thee God of Abraham, I worship you God of Elijah
You are the God of Shedrack and Meshak, Abednego hei
Be thou exalted
Impossibility possible I know You God hei
Be thou exalted
In You I can do all things through you that strengthen me Christ hei
Be thou exalted
Yea yea yea keep moving
Keep moving

(Repeat chorus)

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