Thayorcee – As I Live

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Ma PEOPLE I’m Thayorcee I wuld’nt say this is the remix of DAGRIN’s If I DIE!
I’m only doing this for the luv and passion i had for him and I want u guyz to beleive he stil lives on!
Shoutout to frenzy’ Countdown one year after BARRACKOGRIN
let’s DO DIS..

Dis is a tribute to DAGRIN, MA MUM’
Thayorcee NONSO
DO this for me…


As I live As I live
mak u no try for me’ for me..
e jen mumi ejo kejen mi
As I live ”as i live’as i live”{low tone}
mak u let me be to the end to the end
but u wanna see the end,see the end
koyewon koyewon..

Verse 1
I flow many shows
I get many goals
get many holes,
but them dey before
dey bin dey think say yes say u no go blow cuz they know my troubles and they know the pain
Now i am chilling wit petre,mikel for chelsea
Thayorcee omo tele ti o SABI
IF no bi GOD,wey dey flow wit me
Cuz i live my guy,mak u no try for me…

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

God nah my creator
Tola nah my mentor
money no dey drive me,money nah ma CONDUCTOR
I’m not a good boy but,I get LOYALTY
I no wan hear story why referee no give PENALTY
Anytime wey i roll out lik pastor chris
people dey hala,dey wonder why like mamakis
ma dough go take come for the lotto like ake1
U Think say I dey lie ask Takuna wak1…

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
Satan dey everywhere
Even pastors fear
say satan go collect all the boys for this year’
I know say i be winner GOD i dey win everyday OWO,SHAYO, all night na faaji, And I no start like this for church, I start with drumset then, I wan spread my riches so as to blowoff poverty
cuz i knw one day,go bi one day If i wan chao cake nah there i go know say OVEN DEY….

(Repeat Chorus)


Dagrin we luv you’ wanna be wit you althru but,we c’nt JUST change the hands Of TIME
Rest IN Peace
Its ur boy THAYORCEE on the M.I.C babeee


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