The Faculty ft Pherowshuz – We Dey Run Things

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titles=The Faculty – We Dey Run Things]

Verse 1 (Five):
I’m that guy, who made an island of himself/
Pirates on a quest for gold, point here(ear) like elves/
I’m that guy, the one they call Five, pulling pictures out the future when I search my archives/
I’m that guy, left handed lyricist, blind folk will see this is a lyrical genius/
I’m that guy, you don’t wanna test in a rhyme duel, cos I dey think of lines like I dey go buy fuel/
Better yet, like I dey go wan register/
This baba tough(Berbatov), heads should all call me Dimitar/
Yield, you must when I wield the mic like a simitar/
Heads be signing off, cos I got the truth as my signature?/
See, this titan’s antics, gotta em panicking/
These mannequins imagining, if this ‘star was’ ever actually anikin/
They lacking in escape routes from these corners they backing in/
Five’s the captain, everything I’m on, is so sparkling/

Yes Yes yall, my name is Fivey Jake and I’m off the wall/
Faculty’s going in, yeah we’re next to ball/
Yall like summer cos you’re next to fall/
When we dey run things, awon boys dey crawl/
We dey run things, awon boys dey crawl (x4)

Verse 2: (GrandSUN)
I’m that guy, wrote my scripts, cast myself as the actor, mehn I no go ever die/
I’m that guy, friends with success and evolution/ I’ll never know what its like to have lyrical malnutrition/
I’m that guy, speaks for the kids/ I will never lose my soul for this musical biz/
I’m that guy, that loves to preach hope/ let these lyrics be the rope, that they can grab so they can cope/
With this slippery sliding slope/ of the barbiturates and amphetamines, I’m bringing an antidote/
You can say my pen’s a serial killer cos its murder she wrote/
And after they die/ they resurrect dead to complacency… Aye/
More alertness for their every minds/
The miseducation of my presentation/
Holds no reservation, for any less education/
Or hesitation, for this bomb’s detonation/
Going nuclear whenever I serve the frequency of any radio station/

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3 (Pherowshuz)
I’m that guy, flyer than fly/
My aim’s on your chicks you can call me hawk eye/
I’m that guy, I’m U.F.O fly, I’m outta this world on an extra terrestrial high/
I’m the combination of pastis and whiskey/
Like sex without protection, boy I’m f’ing risky/
I’m an asshole but you can’t mess with me/
If I’m not the best then I’m who the best should be/
Mr money money money, I’m that guy/
Its funny funny funny, you can never be like I/
I’m the real deal, no cheap imitations/
The sky might be your limit, but I have no limitations/
I drink till I fall, that what I call liquidation/
Call me Phero, the new rap sensation/
Once murder on the mic because the situation/
You’re bound to see I (C.I), crime and investigation!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Awon boys dey crawl (in low tones)… x8)

My name is Fivey Jake and I’m off the wall,
My name is GrandSUN and I’m off the wall,
My name is Pherowshuz and I’m off the wall,
The Faculty’s going in cos we’re next to ball!
(Awon boys dey crawl… Till end)

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  • 9JA wrappers(9ja Wax),.UNA done(DON) 4 beatz as If dy Put una 4 STOVE….

    Scott Oluwakiddy July 20, 2012 7:17 pm
  • God bless the person that dug dip for this lyrical diamond

    Pro-X January 19, 2013 8:40 am

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