Third World Order – My Town

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Submitted by Mr. ReHd

VERSE 1 (Mr ReHd):
Welcome to my city south-east of the Niger/
its not a coastal town but its a haven of pirates/
Bakassi watching every move nothing is private/
govt they wash their hands off Pontius Pilate/
come hustle with me in a tough and hostile climate/
where everybody shine they eye get rich or die trying/
niggaz got it misconstrued think we all about violence/
cos we’d rather cause a riot than suffer in silence/
since 1929 we put women on the streets/
80 yrs on now we still disturbing the peace/
we still not loving police…we still baring a grudge/
we still thinking secession that’s why we love Massob/
so watch your mouth when you’re talking to an A-B-A brought up/
cant say we dont know whats up cos we’re ”the whats up”/
from Lagos to Contonou,Lome Accra and back nigga/
we all up in your economies and you better believe that…uh/

This is my town…this is this is my town (WHAT! 3*)
you better watch your back when you come in my town(TELL EM!)

Welcome to my town dont get it twisted yo/
its your boy get busy i’m an A-B-A born/
with every new day that comes we just live to fulfill/
you gotta walk in my shoes to understand how it fills/
everything is a deal…and anything for a meal/
I tell my niggaz no be muscle gotta hustle with skill/
dont cross the line homie or you’ll get killed/
by the lynch town mob where there’s no appeal/
this shit is real live action not a movie reel/
take it for granted get pushed in a ditch and sand-filled/
we’re God’s own..(God’s own) but we’re living in hell/
that’s why everybody rep it but their thinking to bail/
if you aint talking about money you aint talking to us/
all my Homies in Ariara man they know whats up/
fronting with a new steel you know the rate of crime/
now you can tell am A-B-A from my state of mind….Aay/

(Repeat Chorus)

VERSE 3 (Scrooge):
We select chicks like fish nigga point and kill/
where i’m from we dont price we just ask for the bill/
bootleg city but i tell you them boys is real/
aka the Lynch Town stay dressed to kill/
grind so we can leave something for the kids in the will/
and cop them Escalades, Range Rovers with mad grills/
man I say how it feels…piss in anywhere still/
carry my peeps like them Keke men in Ogbor Hill…uh/
we dont smoke to get high we smoke to feel good/
and you can tell by my red eye I hustle hard like I should/
niggaz wanna hate…I know they all wishing they could/
but 1 or 2 Igbo boys you roll with is probably from my hood/
we dont sit and chit chat we about how to get that/
give back,invest that and make positive impact/
got the world on my back carry it like its home/
now you know what i’m about its best you leave me alone…i’m in the zone!/

(Repeat Chorus)


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