Titi Lo’Kei – Buss My Brain ft SLV

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Submitted by Titi Lokei

I dey go insane Oo
Mobeatz it’s a banger bay bay

Chorus (2x)
I can not get this picture off my brain
every time i see you i dey go insane
sho fe se mi leshe o
na you dey buss my brain
sho fe se mi leshe o
na you dey buss my brain o

1st verse (Lo’Kei)
See you told me that you love me
and you always down to ride
but no instead you slapped me
in the face with all yo lies
i saw you with that chick
and now you cant even deny
and when i saw that text
i should have kicked you to the left
but baby boy you had me long time
said i was the apple of yo eye
u said for me that you would die
said i was the light to your sunshine.
and i believed you
but you deceived me
you brought me all this wahala
omo you got me going cra zay

Hook (2x)

2nd verse (Lo’Kei)
Why you want to go and play me
wen i gave you all that you need
said we’ll stay togetha foreva
but no you lie, you lie.
you drove my moto
slept in my condo
chopped fufu, rice, even dodo
you even met mama and papa
now you dey make my head go scatter!
your a dog, what can dogs get?
games and tricks, no treats 4 yo shit!
no shakara, no kele kele love
ashewo, no girls come above (me)
oya fi mile baby
i thought i was ya lady
i wanted your last name
but you will never change.

Chorus (2x)

3rd Verse (SLV)
Young gal I thought I give u loving
Why u won dey dull me
Everything I do u say I boring
After u chop ma money
U 4get the time wey me n u
We they 2geda like bird n flu
Now u won come dey call me fool
All because say I love u
No more play play now its time to troway
Everyting we share let it burn in the airrr
Oh oh oh oh!!!

Lo’Kei: Chorus (2x)

SLV: Chorus (2x)

Said i can not get this pictures off my brain
every time every time
sho fe se mi leshe mi ayye
Ooo oooooooh
said i can not get this picture off my brain
every timeee i see you girl
sho fe se mi leshe o now you dey buss my brain
sho fe se mi leshe mi
i dey go insane ooo

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