TraQstarr – A Star is Born

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Submitted by Kunle A.

I seen them talkin like, who born traQstarr/
They wanna hold me back but I run faster/
So imma come with it, cos my nigga John did it/
Wonderin how I do it, I was born wit it/
2Face did it, eLDee the Don did it/
I’m makin Mo’Hits til I can Storm wit it/
Iceberg done it, but first Sauce did it/
M.I. stole the show, grand larceny/
What groupies want is money long when you in limelight/
So when you get it are you gonna use your time right?/
Something bout the spotlight, it’s like life, right?/
You can’t get it all, maybe just a nice bite/
So clap for Banky, and please applaud Skales/
Muna, kel, eva, queen s**t, all hail/
Grin baba did it, he had raw tales/
Rest in peace but 9ice is livin proof that raw sells/
Slim gon do it, Shyi gon do it/
My homie tunny too, before he’s 22/
But Ice prince is bringin something that’s cool n/
Vec is something like a bully on the mic, cos he’s schoolin, them [damn]/
Terry G did it, and Terry waya did/
Ruggedy brought the game, modey rewired it/
emcee africa, Black Jesus messiah’d it/
And Lucci’s killin wit the lyrics he be firin/
But now a star is born and he def a bright one/
You can put your drinks up in the air and fill it back for him/
Who is he? omoba, clap for him/
And yea he’s headin for platinum, aint that something/
So better clear the path for him, Lazy what’s up?/
Brova just hold it down, better yet hold it up/
It’s dizzy heights homie and they can hate this or love it/
But all I got is 5 words, I dont give a f**k/

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