TraQstarr – Good Morning

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Submitted by Kunle A.

Yes, sir, it’s your, boy, traq, star, what else, it’s Leej, boyz bay, bay, hey, I’m Goin In’
uhn, this the traQstarr show/
I be on everything i’m like tax i know/
blahka, i got that tech nine flow/
n u can never stop me i’m a Murcielago/
So lemme loose n let my shit up in the airwaves/
Got game tied down like a pair of lace/
boy u get crumbs, come see how my bread waste/
rooftop chillin, no staircase/
Whuddup hater, whatchu doin on my radar/
Sorry mayn i’ll catch you later, gotta go and get paper/
‘Me i’m chasing foreign currency ‘specially the Arab/
U not a rapper your P aint enough, raper/
Konnichiwa i got my Hiro Nakamura on/
swear you so outdated boy you like a Shakabula gun/
I be on a paperchase, I call it a Mullah-thon/
yea i’m goin in, n i brought my whole crew along/
Kingpin, livin’ like a druglord, blingin/
Ice, preferably the bright ones, green green/
Go, i’m never on the same thing/
I ain’t gotta say it’s naija i’m representin/
We be in the buildin, i wanna be me cuh i’m the real thing/
I’m lookin like a fan cuh i’m high as the ceiling/
But imma superstar, u should go look me up on Wiki/
N I ain’t even warmin up yet … just chillin/
[Hello] That’s what they say when they see me but I just breeze thru/
Call me a cop homie the ice is gonna freeze you/
The money long, the money’s somn like 6’2/
My life is picture perfect, he be like a Gigapixel/
N i jus pull up in the city, and everything lookin pretty/
Blowin dirty money diddy, they see me they wan dey ki mi/
Holla! I seen em sayin’ that i’m entice/
In a couple months I bet i’m all up in your ears like/


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