TraQstarr – Pon Pon Pon Remake

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Submitted by Kunle A.

I defend my squad, you can call me a fullback
play with the boy, i dont think you should do that
got street cred, yea i just accrued that
dont bite chew that, no lies true fact
me i rep for Legion, omo na my crew n
you think you got me figured out you aint got a clue man
yes i be yoruba, i’m raw and i’m the crudest
to ba ri mi come through beri dobale kunle
Gi-gi-get Gone or you can get with the movement
i may be nice and all but on the mic boy am ruthless
stack dough to the ceilin till the building is roofless
i run it, you pursue it, you talk it but am doing it
am extravagant with bars but with money am prudent
i do it for ib city, gotta rep it to the fullest
Guy no vex now i’m doing what i do best
n if you do mehn omo i no send you screw dat

Why i no go yarn
gurls feeling the boy, they callin me spartan
boys feeling the boy, they say me na badman
even the rasta man dem tell me wagwan
yes me black man, mi proud of my flag man
i’m totally swagged out, got game in a lockdown
from north to the eastside, from IB to B-side
its gravity defied, in my city with ride
without a maserati bugatti or ferrari
telling me that smack, ahn ahn shey wo ni iya mi
yes i be fresh boy but awon boys ti ja mi
i no be street boy but i know the nooks and crannies
N i know say i go blow soon,TNT
but am say cos naija lost an ill emcee
so i’m going in and cats be like kill em kid
and when i say i got game i aint talking PSP
so keep talking that junk n you’ll get the drama you wanted
better be gone or be sorry, you better run when i’m comin
you better drop it or cop it, you better pop it or stop it
you better cock it or lock it, better be chucky or rocky
you better slow ya role or get slow mo’d
man i get battalion, never doing it solo
swagga ti poju he he remain the owo
chasing paper till i can’t no more that’s the way i role oh
oh no you no know i be go-getta?
im so dope you so slow, you get no cheddah
N Lazy said, go hard no metal
level won low oh, wa ma ri wan ni be rental
eh emi ti enter, all the man don dey mental
they say i’m too much, they call me okunrin meta
flah-fly as an angel, fly as ascension
n i’ll be right back i gotta take a quick commercial

(TraQstarr Talking)
you think say i don finish?
Number 1 D-Boy, you already know what it is homebwoi
sit back,relax n enjoy the show bruh! i’m going in
Let me get em

i refine,process my lines cos i’m too raw
i done done it last week, you finna do it tomorrow
you so featherweight, am so heavyweight
i get it how i want it translation: Everyway
so imma go n be gettin mine that’s while i get yours
n since you aint getting none i suggest you get lost
young guv riding sunroof with em escorts
i’m going in (you going in) i dont need response
i’m going in it’s certified fo’sho its so certain
see i was born as a king,a boss, born as a captain
welcome to my house, do it how be does it
we have fun get buzz-ed and we roll by the dozen
i kinda love the hate, especially the muggin
the way you screwing your face at me, now thats funny
these boys are so soft but they talking bout how they thuggin
when the only time they stunt is in 3D Snowboardind
i descend from the bosses, corleones and rosses
my daddy used to rock em crucifixes and crosses
stuntin like my pops n balling whatever you call it
daddy was a rolling stone i’m a rolling mountain
it’s number D-Boy (please say the number 1)
I see em on that old ish, am on to another one
i never have to watch my back, that’s what i got my brother for
that’s what i got buzy for, that’s why i got 6-4
guess what i’m a beast bruh, you are just a sister
Rich or, piss-poor,whichever way i’m still raw
you better recognize like you looking in the mirror
they say i be cub but they run when they hear me roar
C.E.O, R.I.P, i swear i flippin loved him
N if i was singing, this is where imma flip it off key
Role model,rapper,boss, and he was a track killah
if he wasnt on your track, then your track could have got iller

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