Troppo Dane – Where is the Love

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Submitted by Troppo Dane

Verse 1
The child looking at her mother
Tears filled her eyes
There is no hope, she is hungry
No food to eat and her mother on bended knee
Hoping tomorrow, the sun will shine on her
On her little girl, hmmm!


Where is the love?
Where is the answer, to the questions?
Is! Within

Verse 2
Tears fill her eyes,
As she looks her mother’s eyes
She is far away, so, so far away
Mama! Mama! Ma! Ah!
She is calling, Ma is gone
So tell, where is the love?

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3

Remember she is a little girl
Now all alone, no one to run too
No hand to hold,
She was found by a prostitute
Who took her pride away!
Now she is living in shame and in pain.
Tell me

(Repeat chorus)

Oh! No oh! No
She is lying on a sick bed
Oh! No oh! No
Doctor said, she got
A! Aids
Where were we?
When she needed a hand
Where were we?
When she needed someone?
Where is the Love?

(Repeat chorus till fade)


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