Trubreed – Papa Ft Eden

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Verse 1 (7)
Elevating dats rating
u’re the first and am not faking
ur the best so I guess I got it
ur word said I got it, so I guess I go it now
am gonna ride on you, you in me and I in ur word
ur the vine ur the truth, am like fresh branch with a fruit
am cutup with a love without caution
but Conscious, dats confident
when we pray we just chatting
ur presence just takes me, ur love just makes me
ur able dats so faithful, ur the king dat was born in a stable
there’s T there’s R there’s U
everything I BREED is all about U

I know you care ( yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh )
I know you love ( yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh )
I know you’ll watching ( yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh )
You never slumber
You have been faithful
You have been true
My papa where no get nighty

Verse 2 (Q)
You write your name across me heart
Cos your word dey cure me pass vitamin c
Na who I be
Way you love me
No be the money
Plus I never get fame
Some people pack a lot of heat na the block
But you supervise me like ambassador
And you give me more than a senator
Now that me got a lot of gunship am ready for war
No I wouldn’t
Let you walk away
by the way
I need you every day
Every day to me is like Christmas
My ring tones jingle bell and no it will never stop
You got me hooked like you is a fisher man
Now am changing my skin like a sun tan
You is the king worth more than a sultan
And if you want my heart take it all

(Repeat chorus)

I never thought u’ll be here watching over me
Ur love, ur peace , ur grace kept me thru the very end
Obi mu nna (my king)
na ihe nile nwere ( everything I have)
ka m’were tee gi na aka (I put in your hands)
love me just the way you please

(Repeat chorus) 2x

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The group was officially formed by Mbuotidem Johnson and Rodney Abia fondly called “7 n Q” in 2007.Since then they have been rocking shows underground. Their music contains no vulgar language and is suitable for anyone to listen to. When asked why they do not follow the trends of the typical hip hop artists they explained,“We believe that what we say matters to a large extent”. we relate our lyrics to a Paint Brush” to color, refine and reshape the mind of our listeners, In other words, what we say is imprinted in the subconscious of people which ultimately influences their thoughts, actions and world. So yes, we believe in keeping our lyrics clean, talking about what matters. We believe that as children of God we should reflect Him in everything.”

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