Uzi – Electronic Flow

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titles=Uzi – Electronic Flow (Prod. by Pryme Productions)]

Young Nigga with the coolest swag/
Take no shit, let the bass gon kick when I’m cruising past/
Those opposing rolling to move and grab/
What the grind get you when you’re groovy as/
Those who came and put flame to the beat/
I’m so insane with the speech/
Lame and the weak/
Take note what a sick flow game do, my brain to aimed to defeat/
Fucked the game up/
Told Figgie mix the vocals, in other words cut the cane up/
Serve the streets, deliver words to eat/
Feast on till the whole world heard of me/
I deserve to be where they quote more cream/
Tryna shine I gotta coat more sheen/
Finally found you better hope yo team/
Already on point to promote yo dream/
Nice on the mic but the flow so mean/
Grind with the mindset to choke more green/
Feelin my time to approach yo scene/
Been passed, time to give folks more clean/
Feed the fiends and let the brand expand/
Scene to scene I bet the man’s demand/
Double, triple, ten times bigger/
Same with the bank roll to spend my figures/
Way too trill to pretend my Nigga/
Straight to the top I’ma send my niggas/
311 gang is the click I claim/
Aim to bring the pain so I spit my flames/
Plant the crop/
Then drop the heat, type of fire you would need an avalanche to stop/
Hit the stage then I jam and rock/
Been wrecking flows so I had to drop/
A couple of hits, get the world to look/
Knots double up quick when the girls can jook/
But never slack in the booth bitch I blow up/
Flow crazy switch styles like a Nigga bipolar/
Fuck tellin yall I’m the next to blow/
Go hard in the booth with the best of shows/
Make yall realize I’ma special soul/
Move quick make niggas look extra slow/
Bet that make yall take lessons hoe/
Never was the type to take second so/
I’ma stretch and roll, on a quest to grow/
Haters you can suck my testicles/

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