Wizdom D Korency – Dollar Dollar Bill

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Definition of the finest
You rocking wit d flyest
Wizdom D korency
Let’s go, common


Got a dollar bill, let me flip 2 the east coast
got another bliss going down in the west coast
dollar dollar bill, is the boss wit the new flow
700gs getting paid 4 ma next show (2x)

Verse 1

(Eyo) am fresh from the block, next 2 the top
is the dollar bill, now am heading 2 the club
see so many faces, go to many places
chilling in the cub wit ma shanpyan glasses.

Am damn so clean, damn so free
Spiting lyrices dat can make you freeze
……… feeling me as an M.V.P
Dropping more hit like the D.T.Ps

Interesting, I got bengis
Am in NY counting all blessings
To impressive I am looking so xpensive
Got a new chick wit the name tracy (halla)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
(yeah) ma name ringbell like the Europe economy
Dey got ma name written right next to a terrorist
U got be kidding me, this track is killing me
Young money in the church, everybody is feeling me

(yeah) am hot like mims, rolling wit ma pimps
Drop so clean like a P.I.M.P
Got Kikky, Vicky, Jully, Cindy
Got a new date wit the young mis Lizzy

(Eyo) I dress 2 impress, am all ova the press
Am fresh & clean, looking better than the rest

Am all ova the media, am off 2 Romania
The numba one boss, u can find in Nigeria

(am) fresh & clean, damn so reach
Making more money like abramovich
Ama real O.G, the hood knows me
I get so hood like young geezy (yeah)

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
(yeah) ama brand new …..,wit a brand new flow
Brand new blingx & a brand new cloth
Brand new things 4 a brand new show
Brand new Don, so let d cash flow

Got ma club I.D, M.V.P
Enter the place, just u & me
Keep ma game tight in the V.I.P
Playing new games like jumanji

Am now on the platform, getting all the platnum
Spitting lyrices like the chronic uranium
In a new millennium, am one in a million
Is the dollar bill, am getting paid in gazillion

Am tall & slim, damn so real
Numba one song in your mp3
Dropping big flows 4 the B.E.T
& If u wanna freak, u can pls call me (yeah)

(Repeat Chorus)


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