Wizkid – Holla at your Boy

Verse 1:
When you see me come around
I got you looking at me (got you looking at me)
I don’t need to spend my cash
Cos my swag’s not hard to see
Cos my swag don’t lie
You can’t deny
You feeling right yeah
You’ll be alright just being by my side

Hook (Repeat 2x)
No need for fronting (fronting girl)
Let me tell you something (something girl)
No need for long thing, cos you feel so good just standing by my side

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

If you see me drive by…..holla at your boy
I got more swag….holla at your boy
I pop more bottles…..holla at your boy
Chilling with models….holla at your boy

Verse 2:

Hey girl
You got me thinking…there’s many things i can do to u
Hey girl
You got me wishing….I could take you home with me
Lets take one step at a time, 2 by noon
Be my girl, with you I rule
You are fresh and fly, don’t deny
Nothing feels better

Repeat hook (2x)

Repeat chorus (3x)

If you up tonight and you feeling alright, holla at your boy (holla at your boy)
Your jeans sag low your fresh fly boy, holla at your boy (holla at your boy)
If you up tonight and you feeling alright, holla at your boy (holla at your boy)
You are a pretty fine girl and you got no boy, holla at your boy (holla at your boy)

No need for fronting (fronting girl)
Something (something girl)
Long thing, cos you feel so good just standing by my side

No need for fronting (fronting girl)
Something (something girl)
Long thing, cos you feel so good just standing by my side

Repeat chorus till fade

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121 Responses

  1. Nice one i luv it


  3. This is interesting

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  4. Its way 2 go,its grt,its prity cul,bravo wizkid

  5. no lie wiz I gat to hala at you, u gat that swag, please keep the fire burning, u are a future nigeria.


  7. Holla @ ur boyyyeee! I lyk it.

  8. Dats a gud one!

  9. Dats a gud one!

  10. wow wizy i need ur number to halla at u

  11. U re absolutely d greatest wiizii omo to sho

  12. i love playing the music all over and over again. Wiz kid you are good.

  13. wizkid i cant wait to see u facec to face do u rmemba u were at maranatha

  14. hei duwg dat's cool, keep rolling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…………………………..

  15. Cooool muuusic, kip it up

  16. Its a nice song! I wish he could do more better

  17. Mind blowing song,cool and splendid

  18. I love ur music so much, all ur fans holla u..keep it up' wizkid

  19. I love d music so much, all ur fans holla u? Wizkid keep it up

  20. I love d music. Is a nice concept from a handsome dude(wizkid) holla @ me wiz 'cos i got bounty swags g 4 the needy.

  21. i really love ur music. chai kip it up

  22. I luv d music holla @ur boy,coz it swag my brain.wiz all ur fan dey holla @ u..i wish u d better more keep it up.

  23. dis is 1daful wizzy, u are my newest artist of d year no doubt. Luv ur song. Ur intonation seems like a jamaican hope u ar not one?

  24. nice 1 wizzy,kip it up

  25. I love it ,wizkid keep it up

  26. it's a nice concept boy. you are the great wizzard in music industry. wish u all the best,more laurels ahead

  27. I love that Wissy, u have done noble. keep it up

  28. i love u wizkid.

  29. I luv ur swags guy. I luv rptn ur music over nd over agn, luv u so much.

  30. U are a future nigeria, kip it cul.

  31. keep it tight boy, d sky is ur limit

  32. i love u wizzy but i love ur music more

  33. It realy make sense, wizkid relent not omo to shan.

  34. Omo i dey gbadun dis song every day. Unnnn…..peck.

  35. u are gud.pls holla at ur girl.lol

  36. I love ur music my guy, keep it up.

  37. Weeezy. U r 2 much. U must be a superst*r, i wanna knw who u r.

  38. i luv dat wikzid.it is cul,u made us proud

  39. buh lyf!!!!!!!!! i luv ur songz lyk mahd……………..abeg no dull me o imma luv u dearly*muah muah* kip it uppppp!

  40. im gonna hola @ u cos i got no boi,fyl ur swag

  41. Pls wizkid hala ur guyz. We Whont 2 be like u. Pls here is my Number08036689037

  42. 9ice one. u got mi thinkingg keep it up

  43. this is too gud 4 an up coming celebrity keep up d gud wrk xoxo holla ur girl

  44. U de sing crap; wetin u de holla holla since; abba

  45. more grease 2 ur swaggs

  46. more grease 2 ur swaggs.

  47. damn, i wish i was the one that sang that song. I love the song

  48. yeah i like it so bad

  49. hey yhu wizkid i wish u r ma brthr cos i luv yhu so much i wish 2 hear your voice….pls if yhu gat his numbr pls nd pls snd it 2 me……..here is mine….08189189417…i luv yhu guy…..holla at yhu bro

  50. I like this artist called WIZKID.

    Then for the ladies, 'Hallo at your boy'!!!

  51. the guys lyrics is good one

    i wish he can help me comment on my lyrics i gat wat the ladies them want.

  52. am in luv wit ur voice

  53. Wiz u ar too much, I luv u, luv ur songs. Keep it up ma niceee… Nigaaaa!!!

  54. U ar 2 much, lv u nd ur muzic, keep it rolling.

  55. waawwwwww cool nice drop ! he is the one , one love wizkid !!!

  56. Holla at u boy–

    Yhu re mine I knw,

    wat ever I knw we be 2gthr,

    I wil be waitng 4 u,

    I seriously luv u,

    luv u so mch boy

  57. Guy u are 1daful.kip it up.

  58. wizzy u ar ten much keep it up

  59. Holla @ yo gal, luv u WIzKID ,no need for frontin frontin, Oooooooooooooooooooooh luv yooooooh

  60. Luv u so much WiZkId

  61. waoooooo man i love dis music die

  62. Wizzy i love my baby n u ? 08135371355

  63. No lele wizi,kip pumpin as far as we 9ja we're still on earth, jah bless u cuz ur swags don't lie, soon nor lata i will soon ft u.

  64. A very gud music halla at ur boy wizkid very guuuuuuuud music

  65. yeeeeee, weeezeee hmmnm, i wana be like you abeg. I dey feel your swaggs. Oh boy. I dey gbadun u always. My number is 08189256453 pls i wana no where u are so dat we can scatter d floor.

  66. I luv ur music 'Wizkid' nd i wl always wait 4 ur album. Pls produce more

  67. l luv ur music and de most l luvis u are the apple of my eye

  68. I don’t need to spend my cash

    Cos my swag’s not hard to see

    Cos my swag don’t lie

    You can’t deny

    . . . . I'm in love with them. . WIZKID Ya'so hot

  69. your such a wonderful musician keep it up

  70. I luv d way u blow gentle guy my number 08162615577

  71. The song was boring but the video was nice

  72. I like 9ger hitz. I suggest that they tracks should also be compress in small memory.

  73. I like you music and i wish to be your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Wikzid ix d best musician in naija keep it up!

  75. wiz kid u rock kip it up u caught ma heart

  76. I cant stop playin ur music even now……no need 4 long thing….yeah…. kip it up. More grease!!!

  77. I really lik ya styl kip dropin it lik its hot Boy.

  78. I really lov ur music. I wish we c on 2go 2 chat more my user name ojochide51, or cal me tru diz 08152671142. 4 wizkid only o

  79. i love you to baby in omotosho i like that song in case you need to see me this is my number (8065500079)my picture is not there sorry!!




    i like all of them all of your songs layke;Don’t dull, I LOVE MY BABY THEY ARE PLENTYYYYiiKISS ME PLEASE kiss me WHIZKiiiD!!!!.

  81. en if thee feel ma swag…. holla at me………

  82. Nyc 1 wiz,lov ur song mean holla at yo boy.

  83. Hey! Wiz u rock ma man kip up da gud work.

  84. Yaaaah Wizkid i fell so good, when i listen to ur song, keep on try 4 ur fans, i request ur number, is bless to me.

  85. wizii guy u too much just keep it on .

  86. Oh guy! You are too much. Keep it up! Small boy danger, i’ve seen your bet award, never give up wiz baby! I’m your fan in congo bvz. I mean you have the talent wizkid. Try to sing with p square. Goodluck. I’ll be expecting more from you! Wizz baby!

  87. i really luv your song can i have your number

  88. awww,luv dis song,.da video z cul,kip it up wizkid…en plz cum to Malawi,.we nipd to c u,.

  89. Holla at u boyeee @wizkid

  90. Mehn i love the fact that u ga me jealous,i hope the song ‘m abt to release wl go above hate lyk urz

  91. God help U Wizkid.. n giv U d grace to live a fufilled life.

  92. 9ce one.jst be determined coz determination matter most in lyf 4 dose dat wil excel.u’v got al wot it takes 2 be d best nd neva bow dnw 4 any champion

  93. I Really Hate U Guy! Yeah! I mean it. I Hate U Wizkid.

  94. I hate u Wizkid at ol if u want c me go 2 my number +2492994634 i hate u donkey u dnt knw anythng in meusic

  95. gud musik & 9c swagga

  96. U ar rilly a gud singer may God continue 2 bless u

  97. Some gals are useless, why do u think wizkid wil marry u,

  98. Am very happy 4 dat lyrics wizkid work next year

  99. no lie wizkid plz i need ur numbr 2 holla at you. I gat to hala at you, u

    gat that swag, please keep the

    fire burning, u are a future


  100. tanx you very much my fanx i like dat, u can also holla at me wth 08094615231

  101. Legend among the youth while Olamide is d legend of raper so U guys should keep it up God will b with you.

  102. I’m using dis opotunity to pray to God let my glory come on 2 my way.

  103. I’m using dis opotunity to pray to God let Success come on 2 my way.

  104. th future iz wat we av right nw,if we work hard our 2moro’ll be shinim lyk th stars in d sky.

  105. Ghana and naija holla at ur boy

  106. Ur swag not really hard to see…..WIZZY YOU TOO muchhh~*~star

  107. WizKid should consider duin a song with Lil Tunechi a.k.a Weezy or DrizzyDrake… It’ll be dope… WizKid go on the chorus while one of the YoungMoney niggaz do the rappin… WizKid, u gat talent boi…keep it up! Im from Zimbabwe n i luv 9ja music to bits… Whatsapp/call me on +263 773 303 687 n lets share music experiences… Baaaaaaaaaang #.music.is.life#

  108. l love u wiz kid and ur xong ix xo gud…l love it holla@ur boy

  109. wiz kid u made ma de coz i enjoy dis song every day

  110. oooh!!!!! baby boy @#$%% u really make us holla @ yr swags

    gss sec.tz

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