X.O Senavoe – C4

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They say – that I be killing them, right? I be killin ’em
Before I begin lemme ask Fab what he thinks – “NICE” (Fabolous voice)
Ok, that’s fair – I’m about to go in
This beat is like a burning house, Senavoe is the fireman (laugh)
And they Chel sea (shall see) who is with this Man United
I hired all the(se) Gunners but I’m used to doing the firing
Featherweight rappers, I pluck ’em like some violins
The only reason I will retire – to stop the Violence

Oh I’m sorry, (i forgot) I just started
Call me The Rainman – my flow’s retaaaaarded
Xpoint0’s what I’m recording
Shout-out Tha Rapman – Boys are not smiling!
We laughing though, cos it’s hysterical
That any rapper would ever wanna test X.O Senavoe
You wearing panty hose? I’m hot – Pentecost
King of the East, West, North, South – and every coast!

My thoughts – (are) like Jigsaws
Up and down like see-saw
Wanna see a scary movie? See Saw!
Or see me – I got a scary CV
The only way you se’ N-A-V-O-E (is) TV
I’m all top 3 – New Orleans – CP –
3 blind mice wanna see me? – see these
Alikoto rappers with effects like CG – ANY spitter ‘fore u hit reply – cc me

And yeah my brothers are the CC three
Like Simpsons we see more (Seymour) – X.O is C4!
And on every thing I spit I blow it up like C4
All I see is haters washed up: ‘sea pork’
What u going at me for? I’m just be tryna cor-
Dial, u wanna be an ass? Eeyore? “Hee Haw”
See horse – me voice, you noise, me hoarse
Me star-ving and rappers is looking like ‘3 course” (meal)

Popsee was ‘f’earless, Momsee was ‘f’earless
The ‘f’ do u think I would be?
Yo lemme breathe, how many leaves u wanna pluck of my tree?
And when I say u suck leaves – I’m not talking the tea
See I could leave you Black Eyed – (but) I prefer Peas (peace)
Not Beef, good food for good health, with which I feed myself
So I am never caught up and still can be myself
Ho hum – See the flow is so dumb, but it speaks for itself!

No single, big features, no album
The first year of rapping – and this is the outcome?
Powdered the best – I call it the Talcum
I give God the thanks, my whole life’s the welcome
A king like Martin, spi-ttin’ like Malcolm
X – O Senavoe – there’s no body like him
Everybody loves him – Raymond
“XpointO”, “It’s Possible”
Pray now, Amen!

If you never heard of – X.O Senavoe
You are now rocking with – X.O – Senavoe
Lagos Abuja oya – X.O Senavoe
Accra Kumasi eye – X.O Senavoe
Yankee fellas dey feel – X.O Senavoe
London mamis dey rep – X.O Senavoe
Africa runs with – X.O Senavoe
The whole world’s like – X.O Senavoe

I see them twitter twiggas tweet-emitting acting is as if the illest like me if admitted will kill it all in a minute
So they tell these other spitters yo we scared of this enigma this X.O will get a rid of all this bullsh*** that we spitting so we’ll kill him
By assasinating his character and making up a narrative: “You sure he African? He must be average then; we need to eradicate this dedicated
innovative living legend in the making – b’fore he’s Grammy nominated”

Haaaa! And we’ll be Grammy-nominated – we might mess around and win
So used to winning on a whim
Hard work, so I keep blowing like the wind
I put my rubber to the road so now it’s spinning on ’em rims
Model chicks, I got em sittin’ on the chin
They keep on looking for my heart though I been feeling like the Tin
Man, I killed that Messy black and yellow followed my road of bricks
Call me the Wiz of Oz-om (awesome), Dorothy’s triple click!

I never say nobody’s better than me
See I don’t claim to be the best, ‘being the best’ claims me
Mof mof’s wanna chat – AIM me
Amy’s you know the one you wanna touch – ain’t me (emi)
Like Jamie Foxx’s alcohol – blame me
For the way I made a lane now see dem claim they made me
Is it cos X.O be repping two nations – the same me?
So hot that he’s cool? The Fans are his AC?

And Top 5 on everybody’s list?
Number 1 on most? – see rappers slashing they wrists (Nice)
Nah, that’s not nice, that’s rugged, man
They tryna take a piss – I’m just rapping man
And your girl, yeah she loves me man
And all the fellas be like “Yo, X.O is the man!”
Chai iHumble, just economics fam
The price is going up cos I’m in demand

I beat a beat until the beat cries
Call me your daddy, DNA, holy genes (jeans) – Levis!
U wanna get your man in (Manning)? Eli
Any rapper say he better? Yo – he lied
Or she lied – I don’t discriminate
Kill and eliminate
Until the deal is def (deaf, definite) – and I ‘sign’
Who playin’ the blame game? Amber Rose em,
Re-upholster them like Yeezy – baby felines

Mo-hits coming, Jazz me? Oooshe!
Senavoe – I rap peugeots into a Porsche
Stay fly but when I land – Kotoka
Check ‘The Power’ – I’m the Lyrical Okocha
X.O Nation, Mama Julie I love ya
World Cup flow – hot and cold – Qatar (catarrh)
Who’s the best repping Africa by far?
X.O Senavoe – aaahaaaaaa!

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  • Mehn!! X.O is an insane fella. 'Power'(by X.O) is one of the sickest rhyme-structured tracks ever!!

    Francis Bull September 22, 2011 10:57 pm

    Wakaflockaflameoff September 23, 2011 10:43 pm
  • Though i may find it very difficult to flow with him or even get what he's saying (cos he's so damn fast), i didn't know that Nigeria has guys like this.

    He mixes shit, rhymes, attitude etc and blends them into one nice product.

    I think X. O Senavoe will scare even American rappers, cos his style is just like theirs.

    Okpor Lawrence November 13, 2011 9:00 pm
  • wtf!…z dis dude an alien or wat?…he’z damn awta dis world!…best in 9ja by far!…WORD!…i’m impressed!

    phoenix February 8, 2013 6:20 am

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