X.O Senavoe – Messy/Messi (Black & Yellow Freestyle)

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Aaaahaaaa – you know what it is
X.O Senavoe – n***s is gonna to rock to dis
I let them breathe a little – but I’m back to snatch their oxygen
I’m sorry mannnnn, fix up that face! Botox or collagen
Already on top – decided to skip that ‘up and coming’ bit
But the people who been here the longest say that I been running this
Since I dropped my first Taxi Music, Victory and Power s**t
I’m proud of this! – Shout out to everybody who’s a part of this!

My flow is colder than the hearts of heartless serial killers
The master of my P, show no mercy to Percy Millers
Envied by the pimps cos I got more beats than a J-Dilla
X.O keeps givin y’all heat, Senavoe’s way chiller
Esquire rapping now
I’m Black and Gold
Canaries, no Camaros
Your vectors I will arrow
Pajamas in Pajeros
Simmer down, but not Donaeo
The flow is on steroids and I’m the truth – Jose Canseco

Green White Greens, Reds, Star-is-Black and Yellows
Yes O, X.O is a Naija and a Ghana fellow
And everything I’m spittin’ shakes my peers – like Orthello
Always droppin’ nuggets of truth – I call em Carmelos
The people closest to you hurt you the most
And yeah I see the bullsh** – treat it like Casper The Ghost
Rippin’ em beats, spittin’ that heat, so my every line is a quote
And though I give ’em draw bridge – I’m not oblivious to moats

So go Jor O, Udontdeymadt abi?
Massa, u feel u say u be killa eh?? We go see
I’m about to storm in here – my n*****s Sauce & Naeto C, Mugeez & Paedae, D-Black, Sarko, MI, Beazy – e go be!
And I hit em in 3’s – you can call me Reggie
Miller – Beef? Veggies
PITA but no Vecsey
Like Barca’s Messi – my Bars are so Messy
Ray Charles spitter – Better? Let’s see
Even deaf n***s be like – “X.O yo we don hear”
How u dey scatter boys everywhere, they don disappear!”
They grabbin’ for them rabbit ears, faster – rabbit or haaaares?
Don’t know the answer – so lemme ask a question here

Wetin I no fit do?
Find me on Oleku remix with Ice
Faster than Kanye runaway from that Phoenix
On the beats I’m like a T-Rex, I dine and soar (dinosaur)
Higher than Whitney Houstons voice when she sees me in a ‘v-neck’
And to my folks up above – “What’s the deal?
Your boy is not smiling – no more them Happy Meals”
Got ’em nerves so I can feel
Six months rapping? Oh well
Call me The Greatest and I went to Howard – no Cosell

Li-terally the sickest the illest the realest the deal is the minute they need it I kill it then seal it I mail it ’til they get it a Menace like Dennis I’m legend with letters and I’m in this to win … (interrupted) “X.O CHILL THIS IS JUST A FREESTYLE!!”
The critics and cynics – I spit is so silly I reveal it and peal it and pillage their villages, C’mon let’s get it!
I’m silky – they acrilyic I’m realistic yet idealyic plus I know the feeling of taking over – I’m filthy with it

English Kasahare, ‘Uptown energy’ – Yaa Pono
But never ‘Under Pressure’ – shout out to Raskimono
Language is polished (Polish’ed) but these rappers talking broken nails?
Already gave the vows – it’s time for open veils
Nobody better! You have a better chance asking Jim Iyke to put down the mic
Or keeping T.I. outta jail
DJ’s spin this! Rotation – I love my X.O Nation
Even the haters sayin’: “Jeez he’s (Jeezy’s) got that motivation!!!”



  • dis is a 9ice song but de artist is not popular lyk odas keep it up dude i love ur rap is very tight one love

    rapidman March 7, 2012 1:37 pm
  • dis is a 9ice song but de artist is not popular lyk odas keep it up dude i love ur rap is very tight one love ma guy. Illuminatin

    rapidman March 7, 2012 1:39 pm
  • mad lines

    tideakin July 2, 2013 12:09 am

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