X.O Senavoe – The Power

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No time for Jagaga, I be my Baba son
X.O no yawa – we got The Power
No time for basabasa, na me be Papa son
E no be small tin ooo, we got The Power

Verse 1
If Power empowers, where the hell was Austin Powers when the fallen towers were falling on ours that morning hour?!?
Like JAG I (a)vow-er, and I, wanna devour those cowards if God allows us 24 hours – like Jack Bauer!
You know they call Voe numero uno from the continent, they already say my place is on top – like condiments (laugh)
Compliments have never made me, but I’ll take the compl(e)ments and rhyme em together with any letters – call em conjugants!
If you dont know me, you’ll probably Google “X.O Senavoe” right after this, and if you don’t – blow me
These fluffy poodles, I eat rappers like they stroodles, only way we survived school was on pack of noodles – Indomie!
I grew up in Ghana yeah, and rep Nige-ria, so put your hands up in the air, this is gonna be our year!
The rumors is true, yeah Loopy’s my crew, but who to pursue to be part of the group? I just stay low key
I spit it not just ok, Mola and Ovie, ain’t it crazy how through the bloody maze I Wade like Roe v.
And the haters wane (Wayne) like Dwayne, you see our ‘World’s are so ‘Different’, I don’t explain how I live mine, I just live it!
Put if I pick it up, I’m in it; And if I’m in it, I will win it; Michael Jordan in an NBA Final – I win it!
My momma passed when I was packing, so in passing when I’m packing, stop and think of how Momma passed and her passion!
And her fashion! And her actions like always dashing to her knees for God’s direction and compassion
That’s why for me giving up’s never been an option, I throw the wind to caution, and put shit up for adoption
I’m “Cirque du Soleil” with every rhyme, my simplest lines got u pressing rewind ’til you hit exhaustion!
This beat is in a Hearse, I never (just) spit a verse, flip nouns verbs and words, lyrical contortion!

No time for Jagaga, I be my Baba son
X.O no yawa – we got The Power
Koko ni koko, u gots to know your own koko
Make u no follow follow – you got The Power!

No time for basabasa, na me be Papa son
E no be small tin ooo, we got The Power
Koko ni kono, na u dey drive your own motor oh
No Idikoko – you got The Power!

Verse 2
Baba God gave us the power, even simple words have power – Ask Obama or Osama, Bob Okala or Osuofia
One word can create Hiroshima, obliterate Utopia – The lyrical Okocha, scoot over lemme coach ya!
I bet you read they callin me a legend already, Black and well re(a)d like Krueger Freddy, shreddin’ up beats into confetti
They jelly/jellies – I’m Napalm! And now they palms are so sweaty way I’m steady cooking these classics like Raekwon (The Chef!)
My connect is Kid Konnect, we connected since day 1
We got the “P”, no Master P, but we go make dem say – “Urrgghhhhh!!”
No token Sammy Davis, the greats are sayin’ that I’m The Greatest, a Grammy shoe-in like laces – amazing like saving grace is
Everything I spit’s acidic, basic niggus get your litmus
And to the Peters, Johns, James and Lebrons: Go out and “WITNESS”!
And let the people know my flow’s on top of the pinnacle
Mercy Johnson’s my centerfold, she calls me XO Senavoe (Senavoe)
Rap circles ’til Steve Urkels fall like Jericho
So tell em blohd claattt’s (blood clots) they hatin’ in vein – like varicose
No I don’t do beef – you know the meat they killed TuPac over
All I do is me from Bolgantaga down to Abgoba
Punchlines so sick!! They been known to make you lose you lunch over
My verses (verse is) so bloody, angels pass over like its Passover!
And y’all know that NEPA will never put on the power, when politicians rake in cheddar selling us cheap ass generators
Its like they hate us (Ayyyyy), but WE are the ones who make us, no Mobutu Sesesekous, Idi Amins can never break us!
So take this!
I took the power in my own hands, I chose to make the most of God’s gifts and be my own man
No jagajaga, basabasa, Mom I can feel you smiling proud, shining like the sun down on your son
And Pops’ee too – i know it’s true
He said – ‘Always believe in you, chisel your dreams with wrenches, pliers and hammers, tighten your screws’
I call em “The Power Tools’!
And you can do it too! Never let losers and doubters fool you into believin you through
You’ve got The Power too!

No time for Jagaga, I be my Baba son
X.O no yawa – we got The Power
No time for basabasa, na me be Papa son
E no be small tin ooo, we got The Power (2x)

“I dedicate this to my mom”
X.O_Senavoe ~ The Power

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  • The best lyrics for any song 2010 -2011. X.O is in a class of his own.

    Fally P. January 12, 2011 5:08 pm
  • x o senavoe

    ruons March 17, 2011 1:51 am

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