XP – Calabar Loni Shan ft. Reminisce

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help me pls haooo
yeah..sars on da beat..back at it again.. yea(kini wii..kini wii)

XP’s verse 1:
Evidently i dey trip for your yansh/the hips follow
let me be the tray you dropin your ash/the weed skunk’em
the logo and the tat on your back/got me wondering
oun saan lay lo loon jeh lonisha and we loving it
mama ma throat gumbling/sign of tellin am wantin it
see the way you offer it/ass pussy and all of it
come closer,let me beat on that pussy/oohdie cutchy
where we from,we smoke anythin like fela kuti
show now , tioba kurii..soldier on a duty,doin it for the music
am takin over you stupid(better move it)
when rude boi snatch up your gurl and be aware
when ma client outta cash up a check and it are clear
when ma sounds bumpin on your speakers and it are tear
no time to wait/accelerate ..are see yah there
for ma mind/i think yah scared
you know the boi hold DAGGER/you sef pack KAKA
oun va lavile HABA !

Calabar loni shaun/ghana loni furoo (8 times) OKAY

REMINISCE’s verse:
Calabar loni shaun/ghana loni furoo
omo mo maan loshan alomo pelu oguro
i see you at the bar/tryin to eye me/wine me
modeti gbe suun moe/so fe ma fimi shyne ni
yea i see you/mori bo se kuun man
emi gaan oderun/ kini mi do rokun man
am very close to butter/mio shay fufu man
omo emi jaa gaan/mo yato si awon ju men
thrusts go ratata like a chopper
handle you like a secretary with a type writer
reminisce always give it to the girls proper
shoryu shoryu ken like street fighter
turn over your furoo
kilon shay e/jen lo fuun e lori ni elegushi
i got a big rod /so dem ladies cal me rhodney
serena williams gaan maan serve pelu balls mi

Calabar loni shaun/ghana loni furoo (8 times) OKAY

XP’s verse 3:
As a matter of point/i mean point of the matter
now you have me spellin words backwards like cross word
all the angles and the shape of your butt are contoured
let me hint you on the message you passing/nah cum fuck

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  • I digg this song!

    mrmetoo February 2, 2012 2:57 am
  • God is good

    saydeck February 5, 2012 2:14 am

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