Yung Drug – Enigma Freestyle

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titles=Enigma Freestyle by @iamyungdrug]

Standard!!!!(its don jazzy again!)
Standard….u deaf son(procedure!)
I said…….(its don jazzy again!!!)


No id on the track make i rap nigga
run track play field play field
im a born winner!

On a ground made of kush
to my sky villa
no go slow
this is why im high nigga

She got me going hard!
These other rappers cant get it up
weak bars

whispers! Blow up the speakers
and when she sees stars…im what she looking at

im not a star
sumbody lied
got 47’s in my ride
catch me on a friday night
my shawty is a 10en
but i 8te her till 9ine
6figures in the bank
when they sleep we dey grind!

What you live for? More income
what you die for? Gods kingdom
all black in an all black lincon
no luminati hustle income!

I hear your heart ”beat”
pray i dont kill it
enigma mysteriously…
”Just do it”


better check his pulse
while i stack $2grand in my ”nike” shoe box

dont work for ‘demola’
i aint ovie
im gettin money
but im notjustok

yoruba boy! We sabi rap
but eni duro
dagrin died-leave rap!

Idris remedy featuring yung drug
they think you dead i fit wake you back up
lazzarus flow na top i go
azzadus flow you’re good to go

choc boi lost for milky way
left him back at marz
am at pluto today

am i better than m.i ? (which ice?)
The king is mi or me
roll dice!!!

Gbadun your beat in a second
get dream way i call you up do 8sessions!!!
Studio in a penthouse (mehn!!!…fuck recession)
followed you on twitter
made favorite your mention

boss can i ask a question?
When’s kanye gonna beat khalifa black&yellow


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