Yung6ix – Oleku (Remix)

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6ix hey naija carter,up on this
heyooo mehn am from the south men,i can’t really shout out
You know what i mean so we south shout /u dig/
South shout to Iceprince on this one,men banging track
South shout to everyone that did this before me that i heard
South shout to Vector
South shout to Sarkodie
and most of all
South shout to 411 /it is what it is/
Sorry i couldn’t get the chorus,so i got P-fizzy on this one you know i
i mean let ’em know

/oh commom/ tell me something wey i never do from ogun state and Ijebu
/area for the street/ from warri to benin,Abuja to Yankee,hope u’re
ready coz it’s oleku
feeling this boy,she’s feeling,she’s feeling the boy
#6ix voice#she’s feeling the boy,she’s feeling the boy,Okay Okay

Verse 1
I’m so interesting taking over naija am so the next thing
An Awful father useless son put that together that’s the lesson
They hate the stressing
coz i’m still number 1 even when they’re guessing
i am the shit these rappers messing,and it’s life is a bitch so i’m
steady caressing
Move your cradle when i’m resting
Just ready to fall i go up erection
so done
i still flow correction
i’m a fly exam,used in drive testing
Astronauts say no one is as fly as you
how do you feel when the beating is high as you
Oleku,yeah nigger i guess i’m on top of things
so screwed,no digs am topping things
haters hating the beat
i’m topping things
so fresh,i don’t eff with the modern things,
oleku,from the street to the road,coz i’m dropping things
so like a dope visa i bother things
no limit i’m in to a lot of things…till my name get bigger than all the dreams


Yung 6ix,she’s feeling the boy x3 naija’s young carter i’m really the
boy,i’m really the boy
kill every Jam,like am ruining the toy
win every battle like am really the Troy
yung6ix baby i’m really the boy
far from your girl but she’s feeling the boy..#dammn#
she hot like a witch make her cum first
0ops i meant to say that she cum first,no be exam but she pass test
she gimme great head i call it suck sex
#hell yeah# that’s suck stress
and i will never pass if it’s drug test
and i’m just being modest
and that’s yung6ix being honest
look flames,i’m on fire
so if you hate on your car,you go tyre
gat the swag that your girl dey admire,if weed smoke me,it would get higher
i grade high,the call it high grade
and i raise eye,i’m feeling irie
and u might wanna hate me
so fly u might wanna raid me
wetin dey s’up x3
PH wetin dey s’up
Lasgidi wetin dey s’up
s.a wetin dey sup
wetin dey,wetin dey sup yeah
U.k wetin dey s’up wetin dey,wetin dey sup yeah
W.c City


it’s my gift to iceprince from me to you
that’s what it is
nothing dey s’up mehn
no ko so,no crisis mehn
All black everything
feeling cocky based on one side
#na wa for you o #
you wan perform for here
you don dey madt abi
you don dey use engine oil dey fry dodo abi
shit men
Omo still on mary j and things
Waffcity for life
Still repping warri . . .men
who must collect o o o
you know as e dey go
we’re steady on things mehn
Pfizzz you too much on this i greet you
all my men wey dey the street,you know as e dey go
picking things
ten digit things
Pfizzy how far hope say you record all this things sha
hope say you record am
omo o boy them say make i comot for the studio
na so mehn i missed the mic
i wish i never had to go to school
yo men seriously
yo mehn 1 love to all my fans,facebook fans,all my twitter followers
it’s your boy killing it,killing the shit men kill the beat
screw the mp sha
the beat don finish
the last one na offside now
coz the beat don finish
offside flow

  • 11

haters cant see me cum-ming like a blind prostitute


  • I love d song,i tink yung6ix is a gr8 musician 2 b,nice 1 dude.

    Oluwajuwonlo hardeyorlar February 17, 2012 6:35 pm
  • Yea! Yung6ix! Shout out 2 u mehn! U 2 much! Shout out 2 Pfizzy! Una 2 much!

    No koso!!!

    No crisis!!!

    Current Boy November 19, 2012 4:08 am
  • Kip it up dude.

    Nk-beef April 20, 2013 6:27 am
  • kip it up dude soon u gonna be the best African rapper

    topboiii April 3, 2015 1:01 pm

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