Zuki – Getting Mine

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You rocking with the boy (x2)
Its time to handle (the business)
E ye ye ye (oshamo)
Big Choll What e do
Pro Inc be my crew
Foza we got a hit baby
I do this

I’m fly am fresh
Up in the sky (Ehhh)
Tell your girl I said hi
Am that guy they would soon recognise (dts me)
And I don’t give a ish except you get hi (x2)

Verse 1
Oh what a feeling I don’t know that feeling
Champagne spilling oops that was me dreaming
Girls used to be blind but now all they do is see me (Ray charles)
Well am fine like my home gal simi (I see you baby)
Got my terry g on tell them I said they should free me
Yes I know am silly but am illy with the words tho (Heyo ts zuki)
Shawdy calling me but no be by force o
Suddenly suddenly no be my fault o
Rap made easy like say I dey drive auto
Down in Pro Inc making hit is a must yo (dts my team)
Listen ma I go by yung mo (whats up)
Just hop in the car and lets go (swag)

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Coming for the game no lend and borrow (what else)
Always kill ish I be yung mo
That’s the twitter handle baby just follow me go (and aint talking yung six)
Not an athlete but baby I run this (oshee)
Lyrically been right now so its time for some wronging
Missionary style yes baby am on this (mo bad gan)
Bitch am on fire
Cant you feel how I burn this
Man down man down
On some ropopom ish
Don’t you feel my patua you rolling with a rap star
O fe gbe mi wo koro omoge wa gba (tell her)
Swag of a kid flow so agbalagba (flow so agbalagba)

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
Your girl wants to be face to face with the new guy (hello)
Ikorodu road driving straight to ozumba
That delta boy pops calls me azuka
Mom tells me dami ma ever gbagbe adura (I listen)
Yes am capable so they wont do me strong thing (no way)
Just follow me go let me show you how I does this
They be wondering what the name of my girl be (I wont tell)
Am like mm maybe
Am on you like skin what to dumebi
Did I do that oops or daisy
Yaba left flows yes boy am crazy
Baba God bless me so I give him the praises!

(Repeat chorus)



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  • loving this sound very funny and catchy it will mosdefinatly catch on LOVES ITTT

    helen September 12, 2011 5:53 pm

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